Do NoBull Shoes Stretch Out?

NoBull shoes have gained a devoted following for their rugged design and durability. 

However, one burning question often persists in the minds of potential buyers: Do NoBull shoes stretch out?

In this guide, we’ll analyze the intricacies of NoBull footwear, exploring their stretchability, comfort, and overall performance.

Do NoBull Shoes Stretch Out?

NoBull shoes stretch out depending on a few factors, particularly the specific model and material they’re made from. Here’s a breakdown:


1. NoBull shoes are generally designed to provide a snug and supportive fit, emphasizing performance and stability during active movements.

2. The extent of stretching is influenced by the upper material. Knit and mesh uppers may exhibit some slight give over time, while leather and canvas uppers are less prone to significant stretching.

3. While some users may feel their NoBull shoes become slightly “broken in” after a few wears, leading to reduced pressure on the toes and midfoot, substantial stretching is not typically reported.

Specific Models:

NoBull trainers (including high-top and canvas trainers) are recognized for their snug fit and minimal stretch. The design prioritizes a close fit for better support during various activities.

Knit Runner features a stretchier knit upper, providing some additional give compared to other models.

Some users note that the Court Trainer may fit slightly wider than other models, potentially offering more room for potential stretching. 

This highlights how variations in design and intended fit can impact the stretching characteristics of different models.

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Sizing Guide for NoBull Shoes

1. True-to-Size Recommendation:

NoBull shoes are generally expected to run true to size. This means that if you typically wear a certain size in other shoe brands, choosing the same size in NoBull is likely to be a good fit.

2. Narrow Design:

NoBull shoes are known for their narrow design. Individuals with wider feet may need to be cautious about sizing. 

It’s advisable to consider going half a size up or exploring other options if you have wider feet to ensure a comfortable fit.

3. Ripstop and Mesh Runners:

For the Ripstop and Mesh Runner models, the advice is to stick to your true size. However, if you have wider feet, it’s suggested that you explore different sizing options. 

This indicates that there might be some variation in fit depending on the specific NoBull shoe model.

4. Individual Variances:

While the general advice is that NoBull shoes fit true to size, it’s important to acknowledge that individual experiences may vary.

Factors such as personal preferences, foot shape, and the specific activities you engage in can influence how the shoes feel.

5. Review Size Guide:

To make an informed sizing decision, it’s recommended to review the NoBull size guide for the particular product you are interested in.

This can offer more precise information about the fit of that specific shoe model.

Do NoBull Shoes Break in?

Breaking in the shoes involves wearing them over time to allow the materials to adjust to the contours of the feet and enhance overall comfort. This is a common characteristic of sturdy athletic footwear, ensuring a better fit and performance over the long term.

NoBull shoes are recognized for their durable and rigid construction, which may require a breaking-in period for optimal comfort.

Potential initial rigidity or tightness is acknowledged, and individuals are advised to try on the shoes and take a few steps to ensure the right fit before making a decision.

Should I size up or down in NoBull?

NoBull shoes come in standard US sizes and usually fit true to size. If you’re between sizes, the recommendation is to go half a size up.

NoBull shoes are noted for having a narrow design. Individuals with wider feet are advised to carefully consider sizing, suggesting the possibility of needing a larger size to accommodate the width of the foot.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do NoBull shoes stretch out over time?

A: The stretchability of NoBull shoes depends on factors such as the specific model and the material used in the upper. While some stretching may occur, substantial stretching is not commonly reported.

Q: Are NoBull shoes true to size?

A: Generally, NoBull shoes are expected to run true to size. It is recommended to choose the same size as you would for other shoe brands for an optimal fit.

Q: I have wider feet. Should I size up in NoBull shoes?

A: NoBull shoes are known for their narrow design. If you have wider feet, it is recommended to consider sizing up half a size or explore the wide-width options available for certain NoBull shoe styles to ensure a more comfortable fit.


NoBull shoes, known for their durable construction and non-stretch materials, are designed to maintain shape and structure. 

While minimal stretch may occur over time, choosing the right size is crucial for comfort. Individual experiences vary, so checking product reviews or consulting the manufacturer is advisable for insights into stretch characteristics.

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