Are NoBull Shoes Waterproof?

NoBull shoes are really popular in the fitness world because they’re comfy, strong, and look good. However, some question their ability to withstand getting soaked in intense rain.

It’s crucial to wear shoes that can keep your feet dry, particularly if you enjoy running in the rain or doing muddy obstacle courses. It makes a big difference, whether you work out on the weekends or visit the gym frequently, whether your shoes can withstand getting wet.

In this article, we’ll examine the construction of Nobulls in great detail and provide you with a definitive response to the question: Are NoBull shoes waterproof? So, get ready to find out!

Are NoBull Shoes Waterproof? Not All Are Created Equal

NoBull offers a diverse range of shoes, and their waterproof capabilities vary depending on the specific model. Let’s break it down:

Waterproof NoBulls

Some types of NoBull shoes are specifically promoted as waterproof, highlighting features such as GORE-TEX membranes. 

These special models, like the Men’s GORE-TEX Trail Runner and the Women’s GORE-TEX NOBULL JOURNEY, are designed to handle wet weather without any worries.

Not-So-Waterproof NoBulls

Some other NoBull shoes don’t make the waterproof claim. That doesn’t mean they can’t handle water at all, but they might not be as reliable in wet conditions. 

Models, such as the classic Trainer or Lifter, don’t specifically claim to be waterproof. While their materials ( canvas or mesh ) might provide some protection against water, they’re not guaranteed to keep your feet dry in heavy rain or puddles.   

Water Resistance vs. Waterproof: Know the Difference:

It’s important to know the difference between water resistance and waterproof. 

  • Water-resistant shoes can repel water to some extent, but they’re not completely sealed. 

  • Waterproof shoes, on the other hand, create a barrier that keeps water out, even during heavy rain.

Understanding the NoBull Shoes Construction 

Now, let’s examine the details of the NoBull shoes:

Materials: Waterproof versions typically employ GORE-TEX, a membrane that’s breathable yet stops water. Shoes that aren’t waterproof might use canvas, mesh, or other materials, providing different levels of water resistance.

Construction: Waterproof shoes often have sealed seams and built-in tongues, reducing places where water can get in. Shoes without waterproofing might have exposed seams or stitching, making them more likely to let water seep through.

Final Verdict

GORE-TEX Lines: Yes, they’re truly waterproof. Ideal for wet adventures.

Non-GORE-TEX Models: It depends. They might handle light rain, but they are not guaranteed waterproof. Consider their usage first. 

Are NoBulls Water Resistant?

While not all NoBull shoes are waterproof, most NoBull trainers do have some level of water resistance, thanks to their SuperFabric® uppers. This material is designed to be breathable, durable, and repel water. 

However, it’s important to note that it’s not completely waterproof, and your feet will eventually get wet if you’re submerged in water or exposed to heavy rain for extended periods. 

In the end, each model of NoBull shoe has a different level of water resistance. We advise choosing one of their GORE-TEX models if you’re searching for a truly waterproof shoe for hiking or running in rainy conditions.

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Are NoBull Shoes Washable?

NoBull does not recommend washing their shoes in the washing machine, regardless of the model. Their official stance is for spot cleaning with warm water and mild soap.

So you should always follow a gentle cleaning technique while caring for NoBull shoes.

Recommended Cleaning Method

NoBull suggests a simple hand-washing approach:

  1. Prepare: Remove laces and insoles.
  1. Clean: Use warm water with a mild soap and a soft cloth. Gently scrub the upper, tongue, and sole.
  1. Rinse: Rinse thoroughly with clean water.
  1. Air dry: Stuff the shoes with paper towels to maintain shape and air dry them completely away from direct heat.

A good and gentle cleaning method is essential to sustaining the durability and performance of NoBull shoes.

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FAQs Regarding NoBull Shoes and Waterproofness

Q. How can I tell if my NoBull shoes are waterproof?

Check the product description or packaging for any mention of “waterproof” or “GORE-TEX.” If you are unsure, contact NoBull customer service for clarification.

Q. Are water-resistant NoBull shoes enough for light rain?

It depends on the severity and duration of the exposure. Light rain or brief splashes might be manageable, but heavier downpours or prolonged wet conditions could lead to dampness.

Q. How can I maximize the waterproof performance of my NoBull shoes?

Choose the right model for your needs, and prioritize GORE-TEX for heavy rain. Clean them regularly with mild soap and air dry properly. Consider using a waterproofing spray specifically designed for breathable membranes.

Q. Can I wash my NoBull shoes in the washing machine?

NoBull strongly advises against machine washing. Spot cleaning with warm water and mild soap is recommended to avoid damaging the materials and compromising their water resistance.

Q. What if my NoBull shoes get wet?

Let them air dry thoroughly away from direct heat. Don’t use a dryer or expose them to harsh temperatures. Consider using a shoe dryer to accelerate the process.


So, are NoBull shoes waterproof? Well, it depends on the type you pick. The ones with GORE-TEX are great for wet conditions, but others just offer some resistance to water.

By knowing these differences and taking good care of your shoes, you can confidently handle any weather in your NoBull shoes. So, pick the right one, put them on, and go out knowing your feet will stay dry, whatever happens.

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